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Some years ago while I was still a student pastor, I had a church member my age who was demon oppressed (possibly possessed). We went to the church in the middle of the night for prayer and deliverance. It went on until daylight when the demon left him. We literally wrestled all night. We actually were pulling each other over the altar. The demon would mock me as I prayed and spoke Scripture. At one point a chair slid across the floor in an adjoining room. Again, this continued for about 8 hours. When it was over I carried him back to the parsonage where he slept several hours. When he woke up, seeing the bruises on his arms, he asked what had happened. I showed him the bruises on mine and told him the encounter and God’s deliverance. He said he felt free for the first time in years. Yes, we had better be ready to encounter demons. Greater is He who is within me! Praise the Lord!

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We have to be ready

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